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2020 Conference Regiastration

2020 Annual Conference Postponed to 2021

The Executive Board and Chapter 36 met to discuss current events and their impact upon this year's annual conference. After weighing the pro's and con's, considering travel from the East, and the current and proposed availability of lodging and restaurants for those traveling the Board and Chapter 36 have opted to postpone this year's conference to a date to be determined in 2021.

Chapter 36 will review the local calendar for activities planned for 2021, take into consideration other events that may impact our conference (Sturgis, etc.), and determine two or three optional weeks for 2021.

For those of you whom have already sent in your registration packet Chapter 36 will be in contact with you to discuss how you would like to proceed (keep your funds on account with the Chapter for 2021 or obtain a refund).

2019 Warren Conference

Great Conference in Warren!!

Looking forward to Great Falls Montana

  in 2021!!!

Link to Motorcycle Roads and TripsLink to Motorcycle Roads and Trips
This is a great website if you're looking for roads to ride.
If you have a favorite ride and it's not listed, you can upload it for others to enjoy!

 Health and Welfare Minimize

"The Shiny Side Up" Committee 

All members of MMCI are invited to advise the Shiny Side Up Committee Chair, Connie Dorney, regarding any sicknesses, deaths or any good news (births, graduations, marriages, new bike, ect.) that has occurred within their families or Chapters so that the MMCI members can be made aware of what is going on in our Club's family. 

When the Committee is notified of items of interest they will send out an e-mail to all club members that the Committee has correct e-mail addresses for.  If you would prefer to be left off the list, kindly advise the Committee Chair and you will be removed from the list, or added if you would like to receive the communications but are not currently receiving them.

Additionally, the Committee send appropriate condolences and congratulations to Club members and their families as deemed appropriate for the circumstances.  Updates to this page will occur approximately once a month, or as needed, so please make sure you look here for updates.  Your participation is the only thing that will make this work.

If you have any news that you would like to share with the Shiny Side Up Committee, updates, or e-mail issues (either not receiving e-mails or desiring not to participate) please e-mail Connie at or call her at 716-694-1595 (home) or 716-445-3986 (cell - accepts text messages).

  *** If you would like to communicate with any Club member (home address or e-mail) to send your own personal well wishes please either call or e-mail the Shiny Side Up Committee Chair so that we can protect the privacy of our Club members *** 

 MMCI Introductions Minimize

     The purpose of the Masonic Motorcycle Club International is to bring together Master Masons whose common interest is motorcycle riding, promoting good fellowship, and encouraging membership in the Fraternity.
     Membership shall be composed of Master Masons in good standing in a Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons. While we welcome and encourage active participation, there is no requirement of attendance or service. We want you to enjoy your Masonic Motorcycle Club membership in the manner that pleases you.
     There is no other group of Masons with the eyes of the public on them more than the Masonic Motorcycle Club. You will find a much greater opportunity to enlarge your circle of Masonic friends beyond the scope of your Local Lodge. You will be riding with Brothers who are dedicated to the great moral precepts of the Fraternity and who enjoy the great outdoors on a Motorcycle.

 MMCI Conferences Loc Minimize
  1. 1985 - Mohican State Park, Perrysville, OH
  2. 1986 - Wheeling, WV
  3. 1987 - Butler, PA
  4. 1988 - Dayton, OH
  5. 1989 - Byhalia, MS
  6. 1990 - Bowling Green, KY
  7. 1991 - Erie, PA
  8. 1992 - Tilton, NH
  9. 1993 - Mentor, OH
  10. 1994 - Manchester, NH
  11. 1995 - Dayton, OH
  12. 1996 - Bedford, PA
  13. 1997 - Canaan Valley, WV
  14. 1998 - Fairhaven, MA
  15. 1999 - Lancaster, PA
  16. 2000 - Keen, NH
  17. 2001 - Canaan Valley, WV
  18. 2002 - Fort Erie, CANADA
  19. 2003 - Selins Grove, PA
  20. 2004 - Austinburg, OH
  21. 2005 - Mille Lacs, MN
  22. 2006 - Danville, PA
  23. 2007 - Rutland, VT
  24. 2008 - Youngstown, OH
  25. 2009 - Deadwood, SD
  26. 2010 - Winchester, VA
  27. 2011 - Red Wing, MN
  28. 2012 - Cortland, NY
  29. 2013 - Canaan Valley, WV
  30. 2014 - Wisc. Dells, WI
  31. 2015 - Batavia, NY
  32. 2016 - Harrison, AR
  33. 2017 - Siren, WI
  34. 2018 - Dayton, OH
  35. 2019 - Warren, PA (Ch 25 & 54)
  36. 2020 - Postponed
  37. 2021 - Great Falls, MT (Ch 36)
  38. 2022 - White Mountains, NH (Ch 14)

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